Debut on the Bauman stage is a contest of inventively gifted students. Any student can take part in the contest, moreover, he can present any turn - dancing, singing, playing on the musical instrument, showing theatre scene or reading poems.

This contest is held every year at the Great Concert Hall. It contains three rounds.

The first round is a fact-finding tour of participants and their performances. The creative director gives recommendations and wishes of performance.

The second round is a primary, only best students can pass it. They are estimated by error corrections from the first tour.

The third round is a Gala-concert of participants. Many students of the University and their friends come to the Gala-concert to support the performers. The entrance is always free, so any citizen or guest of Moscow can take a closer look at the Bauman creativity.

The winners of the contest instantly become the members of the creative association "Debut".

Follow our playbill and take part in the Debut on the Bauman stage. May the prosperity be with you.