The Misailovs' Neapolitan orchestra was founded in 1957 by Nikolay Misailov. Since 1976 the leader of the orchestra was Evgeniy Misailov (son of Nikolay Misailov).

The Misailovs' Neapolitan orchestra is a reiterated winner of different contests. The repertoire of the orchestra includes eight concert parts (more then 100 works). The concert program contains classical music, Russian romances, songs and music of Soviet composers, neapolitan and spanish songs and plays of variety art.

The Misailovs' Neapolitan orchestra performs in different concert at tht best halls. In 1993 the orchestra played on tour in Germany with gread success, also it played in Spain (2004) and Italy (2007).

Today the creative director and the conductor is Mikhail Podgayskiy.

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