Vocal group "Perpetuum mobile" was founded in spring of 2005, which is being conducted with Vladimir Baklazhenko’s consent. The Palace of Culture desired to let have to Bauman students more possibilities for development their creative skills. Alexey Kravzov was invited to become the creative director. He passed the Gnessin State Musical College in 2003, and then he graduated the Moscow Conservatory. Mariya Kravzova became the choirmaster, today she is a soloist of the State Concert Theatre Choir.

During 2005 Perpetuum Mobile created the program, which was played in 2006 at the IV Festival of the University Choirs of Russia "Gaudeamus", where it became a laureate. After such a success young group broadens its repertoire. Now it contains classical plays, Russian music and jazz composotions.

"Perpetuum mobile" performs at the Palace of Culture and takes active part in parties of BSMTU.

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